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Meet Charissa

Charissa is a versatile performer.
She belts the blues then performs a Mozart Aria-all in a single night.

Charissa Whillock is a multi-genre singing actress from Austin, TX.


Her two degrees in Vocal Performance ground her knowledge in the craft on stage & in front of a camera. 

In addition to her vocal expertise, her talents lie in a myriad of creative spaces.

In any given week she can be found voicing a singing cat for a children’s show, musically mentoring & producing industry professionals, and performing in a free live show where she sings anything from Mozart to Mazzy Star.


Charissa’s goal is to spread a positive narrative around creation & performance.


Charissa also released her debut album on all streaming platforms on October 29th, 2021, titled, Break the Vault. 


To spread encouraging messages of how to create, and how to facilitate creativity in your career as a professional performer.

Charissa pushes people to strengthen their musical, vocal, and piano skills.


She wants everyone to know that they can do it and that they don't have to feel overwhelmed.

It is time to BREAK DOWN THE IVORY TOWER of performance.


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